15 Jan, 2006 reviewed by Beka Master

by Gamesarcade

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We can describe this game in a phrase: "Just a simple aim & shoot game".

Nice for being a shooter game, but it lack of ideas and the gameplay is EXACTLY how you would expect it: select the type of targets and... BANG, that's it!

Anyway you can find some funny moments when the unlucky chicken BLOW UP under you fire!! ^^ Apart from this,  it is really a "2 minute to boring" game.

The lacks of game-design is a bit compensated by the graphics which is basically the only strong aspect of this title: cool and cartoon style, smooth and colorful, this can make you to forget for some time of the poor game-concept.

Another good aspect of this game is the smooth parallax scrolling of the stage which makes the aim very realistic, but is a lean consolation because there is ONLY ONE stage!!! :( very bad for the lastability of the game...

The music made me go insane! Highly repetitive and annoying after only 30 seconds, I suggest to turn off it immediately for save you speakers from your fury :)

Also the quality of the sound fx isn't too good as you can hear the shoot of you weapon and little others sounds... meabe you can have a better experience to completely turn down sounds and music and run winamp with some KORN mp3 :)

Perhaps you can consider this game a likeable pastime for 2 minutes to free your mind.

The simple but efficent graphic of the game menu

Colorful player selection, but totaly useless for the game play :(

That chicken don't deserve to life!


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