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Training MicroMonk
Author: sixFingers
Published on: January 2008
Game notes: Keep the balance for about twenty minutes, through ten levels of difficulty, trying to reach your zen!
But.. pay attention to the turbulent atmosphere of the Tibetan mountains.

Author's age: 24
Location: Mantova (Italy)
Job: Web designer and game developer

Game dev

2 years
1 From JB Tellez
Added on February 7th, 2008 at 6:59

I loved the concept and thought the main character was great. One suggestion would be to consider a different indicator for when the \"health\" is allowed to hit the monk. In the USA, at least, a red X means you\'ve done something wrong. But please ignore my suggestion if a red X has different meaning to Italy and/or the rest of the world.
I thought the learning curve between some of the levels was a little steep.

Nice work on the background and especially the monk himself.

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