is an arcade-style web game reminescent of the 80's arcades such as Pacman and Atomic Bomberman.

It features all of the classic elements of those old-timers: fast paced action, lots of different bonuses, many different levels with increasing difficulty, and funny enemies with different skills and artificial intelligence.

You will guide DickDynamite in a long quest that will take place in different worlds, in search for ancient treasures, armed only with dynamite bombs and smartness.


DickDynamite is not just a bunch of levels to go through, but it features a powerful Level Editor that
will enable you to create custom maps to challenge other players on this website.

This is what we call the "Map Arena": a challenge between registered users where everyone is involved in the creation of new maps with the same editor that we used in making the Adventure levels.

Registration is free and will enable you to save your highscores and activate all the advanced features, please read here for more info.


Before playing, take a look at the HELP guide to learn how to play !

play DickDynamite: the Adventure  read the instructions !

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